FAQ: Moment Smartwatch: world's first wrap around smart watch
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Why are there two ship dates for the Moment Smartwatch?

The correct estimated ship date is January 2015. We cannot correct this as Kickstarter does not allow changes (or corrections) to most of the text of the campaign after launch. Last updated: Thu, Jun 26 2014 12:28 pm EDT

Is my phone compatible with the Moment Smartwatch?

Currently the watch works with iOS and Android. We plan to add support for other operating systems - in particular Windows Phones as we are receiving a lot of requests for this. The timing will depend on number of requests and comments we receive. At the end of the campaign we'll be looking at everything and determining how to proceed and address requests from the largest number of our backers. Last updated: Thu, Jul 3 2014 9:39 am EDT

What languages are supported?

The device currently uses an English keyboard and English text. We would like to support all languages. We will let our backers and their requests set the priority for additional language support. Last updated: Thu, Jun 26 2014 12:37 pm EDT

Can I pledge at more than one reward level?

Yes you can. Click on the Kickstarter button that says "Manage Your Pledge". A new window will open and you will see your pledge amount. Adjust your pledge amount by the desired dollars. Note that this is the total dollars you are pledging. Then press 'Continue to next step'. You will see your new total pledge amount. If it looks good click 'Confirm'. You will then see your new total pledge amount and you can proceed to Amazon to make payment. After you increase your pledge amount you will NOT see a change to your pledged items. At the end of the Kickstarter campaign we will contact you and verify what you have pledged. Remember that you can only pledge for currently available rewards. Remember to include shipping costs if applicable. Last updated: Tue, Jul 15 2014 12:12 am EDT

What are the available sizes for the Moment Smartwatch?

Six sizes will be available to comfortably fit wrist circumferences from 5.5" to 8.5". At the end of our Kickstarter campaign we will send you a questionaire asking for your wrist circumference (and we'll provide instructions on how to measure). This measurement will help us prepare for production. When we are ready to ship your watch we will contact you once again and confirm the size (and color and shipping location). Last updated: Sat, Jun 28 2014 12:51 pm EDT

Can you change the display to a color display?

We have talked with all the ePaper display manufacturers over the past year. Currently no manufacturer has a small, flexible color display that will fit our format. If / when one becomes available in the future you can be certain we will be investigating it and seeing if it can be added without compromising other design features (battery life, size, etc.) Last updated: Thu, Jul 3 2014 9:39 am EDT

Can the Message Board display show time?

Yes. The ePaper display can be used to show time in one of the analog or digital formats we will have available at launch. You can configure it to be shown in profile or landscape orientation. Last updated: Thu, Jul 3 2014 9:39 am EDT

Can the Message Board be displayed in profile orientation?

Yes. We believe using the watch with the display in a landscape orientation with access to the keyboard is a very natural and comfortable position. Most of our apps have been developed in that orientation. When the device is in the charging cradle we change the display to the profile orientation for time display, notifications and a few other items. Developers can develop apps to use the display in either orientation. Last updated: Thu, Jul 3 2014 9:39 am EDT

Will Snapware modules affect the battery life?

Some Snapware modules will affect the battery life. Some can be used to charge the watch and some will require extra power. We do not have this data available yet but it will be published with each module as they are released. Last updated: Thu, Jul 3 2014 9:39 am EDT

What lens material is used to prevent shattering and scratches?

Choosing the proper material for our lens involved months of research and some intense design team discussions. We'll share some key points here and if you have knowledge of something we missed please contact us. A wrist worn device has different challenges than a phone. Typically scratches and dropping are the biggest design challenges concerning the durability of a lens on a phone. However, a wrist worn device will encounter much greater forces as you swing your hands walking or running; use your hands to throw things or brace yourself in a fall. In these events glass shattering on your wrist poses a much greater safety concern and must be considered in the design phase. Safety quickly became our first concern with resistance to scratching right behind it. The solution commonly used to control this shattering and flying glass is to protect the user by bonding an outer layer of plastic to the glass. This of course brings us back to the same problem - plastic being scratched more easily than the glass behind it. We also like Corning's Gorilla Glass - it only comes in sheets or with large sweeping bends - not the tight radius needed on a wrist. Corning also has Willow Glass - this glass can be flexed but is very brittle and requires an outer protective layer. It will also not bend to the radius we need. Sapphire - same problem but 10X cost. Every manufacturer we contacted had the same problem. From this point we started looking closely at eye glasses, safety glasses and motorcycle helmet visors. They all use polycarbonate (a very strong plastic) or something very similar for their products. Why? Because it is about one third the weight of glass; stronger, thinner and does not shatter. When you place a screen protector over it… well it feels and performs just like a screen protector over glass but with much greater impact strength and without the weight and the danger of shattered glass flying around. We are happy with our design decision to use a surface hardened polycarbonate lens. It is the right product for this application. Last updated: Sun, Jul 13 2014 2:21 am EDT

Can you tell us about the SDK?

Momentum Labs wants third party developers to be able to create software applications and Snapware modules for the Moment Smartwatch. All code and API's will be open and available to developers. Hardware interface will be completely defined for hardware developers. The hardware is programmed in C/C++ with a few time sensitive routines in Assembly. Programming on the mobile platforms will be Objective C and Java. All the information required to build you own apps or hardware will be released prior to the device release but is not available now. Last updated: Sun, Jul 13 2014 2:32 am EDT

Is the Moment Smartwatch waterproof?

The Moment Smartwatch is not waterproof. It will be certified to IP67 which means it can get wet and it is water resistant but you cannot use it for swimming. Last updated: Wed, Jul 16 2014 5:50 am EDT

Do backers outside of the USA have to pay customs and VAT?

Each non-USA backer will be responsible to pay customs and VAT if any apply. We have researched what other Kickstarter campaigns have done. Some have successfully shipped products by marking them as 'gifts'. Some have not been successful doing this. When we have our contract in place with our Exporter we will evaluate all options. We must abide by the laws of the country we ship from but we will do our best to reduce your costs. Last updated: Tue, Jul 22 2014 8:06 am EDT

Shipping Updates
For the most up-to-date information about the status of our project, check our project updates on Kickstarter!

Current Estimated Shipping Date: January 2015

Last Updated At: 08/04/14
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